Someone call the doctor
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yehet :B
I tag all my followers :P

I need this 


fan: my bias group is full of visuals… they’re all so attractive!!!
their bias group: image
me: 👀

☆ credit: POISON | please do not edit/resize/crop.

So this was supposed to be for my 500 followers but let’s say it’s for my now 800 ^^; Thanks to all the cutipies who are following me and support me. It means a lot to me. I guess it’s a way to thank you for all this. I love you all, FIGHTING~


A cute pair of Block B’s logo earrings.

A rubber fan Block B bracelet.

I’ll throw some other cute random earrings and some chocolate bars in the package for sure

Must be following me (catherine-got-no-jams) since this giveaway is for my lovely followers. I will check. 
Likes and reblogs count (reblog as much as you want but do not spam your followers please.) 
Must have your ask box/mail box open so I can contact you.
The winner will have 24h to reply, afterward I’ll choose someone else. 
Must be willing to give me full adress so I can ship it. 
No give away blogs
Do not remove text

Give away ends NOVEMBER 21. GO and have fun~ ♥
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